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Tiamet 3D

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Try out one of the most high tech filaments on the market with high strength and wear resistant specs! It is specially made for the use in drone racing due to his strength and fast printing!

Be more flexible with less service and faster printing!

Filament basics:

  • Nozzle wear: Less than normal filament
  • Diameter: 1.75mm & 2.85mm
  • Roundness: >95%
  • Bed temperature: 0-50C°
  • Print speed: 50mm/s - 500mm/s
  • High wear resitance
  • HDT: 95C°
  • Post-Annealing operating temperature: 120C°
  • Modulus (Auto Young's): 6700 MPa
  • Tensile stress at Yield (zero slope): 45 MPa
  • High dimensional accuracy even after annealing 0.25%
  • Low toxicity (due to PLA+ base)
  • High thermal transfer